Hi there! I am an artist living in sunny California with my husband and twin kids. I am the painting artist and illustrator of all the artwork at Koketi, a home based studio where I can spread my wings, make a beautiful mess and put all my creativity onto paper. 

I was born and raised in Brazil, where I completed my BA in Advertising and worked for 10 years as a copywriter. When my husband and I moved to California in 2000, my passion for art took over and I decided to pursue an illustrator/surface designer career after completing a Graphic Design course at UCI, lots of online tutorials and countless hours improving my technique.

I draw my inspiration from nature, music, my kid’s artwork and everyday life. I’m also fascinated by different cultures and visiting new places always enhances my creativity. There is always something to ignite my imagination!

My favorite tools are: pen, watercolor, ink and the iPad.

Thank you for stopping by!! Take a look around! If you like our style but can't find what you are looking for here, we are also available for commission work. 

Koketi Studio is looking for licensing partners in many different categories: stationary, textile and fabric, wall art, home decor, gift and kids market. 

For inquiries please visit my contact page or send me an email amonica@koketi.com

To buy my art please visit myEtsy store.

Photography by Kim Pho (@kimpho_tography)